Who are we?

General Distribution Security Systems

Pionnière en Algérie dans l’intégration des solutions télécoms, de sécurité, de radio transmission, d’automatisation et d’entertainement, et activant sur le marché depuis plus de 18 années, General Distribution Security Services « GDSS » s’impose parmi les leaders algériens dans son domaine pour les secteurs économiques tertiaire et industriel.

Capitalizing on its experience, GDSS has been able to capture and accompany the evolution of its market by ensuring the best possible handling of the projects entrusted to it. From the feasibility study to the turnkey operation, ensuring in sequence the design of the solutions, the detailed engineering, the procurement, the installation and the start of production, and the training of the operating teams. All this, while minimizing any risk of slippage or additional costs. An attitude that has earned us an ever-growing reputation among our clients.

With its engineering and design department, GDSS offers the most advanced technologies and proven know-how, developed with the active participation and support of its partners, world leaders in their respective fields.

Throughout its expansion, GDSS has continued to develop its expertise in order to penetrate and diversify the sectors of activity in which it operates. The OIL & GAS sector being the preferred sector in which GDSS has asserted its leadership by appropriating and applying, without any concessions, the most rigorous quality and safety standards for oil installations and processes. We are proud to have taken part in the five largest oil projects in Algeria.

This prominent position has not distracted GDSS from its interest in the tertiary and residential sectors, to which we offer a complete range of solutions, putting the operator and the pubic in maximum ergonomics and seamless security. This includes, among other things, security, comfort and entertainment solutions for high-class hotels and malls.


We are convinced that our human resources are the most valuable asset of our company and we ensure an ideal working environment for our 70 employees, offering them the possibility of continuous training and unlimited career development. Today, the GDSS teams are able to handle the most complex projects, from the design and engineering phase to the turnkey operation phase.

A solid organisation

Quality policy

Our Quality Policy

At GDSS we are convinced that it is more than necessary to ensure the satisfaction of our customers while caring for the development of our employees, we make it our highest priority to respect our commitments to our customers and partners in order to maintain their trust and establish a true partnership.

We believe that setting these and even more ambitious goals is the reason of our success.

Because striving for excellence is in our genes.

The management and all the employees of GDSS adopt, daily, the values of:

  • PERFORMANCE: To guarantee the best service to our clients
  • COMPETITIVENESS: To maintain attractive costs without ever deviating from our quality requirements and standards
  • FLEXIBILITY: To adapt to each of our clients' problems and to find, with them, the most appropriate answers to their requests, whatever they may be
  • INNOVATION: So that we are continually able to propose new solutions and create tomorrow's services together
  • RESPONSIBILITY: All of this by obliging ourselves to comply with legal obligations, to defend labor rights, to reduce our ecological impact and to promote the well-being of our employees

These values, which are our leitmotivs, can never be achieved or perpetuated without the support, ownership and involvement of all of us, and we pay particular attention to this.

This policy, through our quality management system, extends to all our business processes and all our services. Each of us contributes, without respite, to the achievement of the objectives set and works continuously to improve our results, our operations, our services, our relations with our clients... in short, to improve our profession.