Our Solutions

Areas of Expertise

A team of experts, engineers and qualified multidisciplinary technicians who can handle and carry out the most complex projects ranging from consultancy to the turnkey supply of solutions in compliance with international norms and standards in the fields of :

GDSS offers a complete range of services in the field of security in all its disciplines, namely Access Control, CCTV and Anti-Intrusion.

This is done in an integrated and interfaceable way within complex platforms adapted to the requirements, the nature of the sites and the customers' facilities.

This range also includes all types of physical barriers associated, or not, with safety systems.

Thus, GDSS designs, customises and integrates solutions adapted to the specific needs of its clients and their specificities, such as biometric solutions, prison management platforms and any other type of alarm systems.

Because our customers' safety is at the centre of our concerns and in addition to our security solutions offer, we are extending our offer to fire detection systems to complete the security of their sites and installations. We operate in the OIL & GAS, industrial, tertiary and residential sectors and this, in the most rigorous and strict compliance with the rules of the art, in particular the NF and EN-54 standards. Our solutions extend to a diversified and complete range of detection solutions and are mainly presented in :

  • Conventional and addressable detection units
  • C.M.S.I. power stations.
  • Detectors (optical smoke, thermal and thermo-velocimetric, heat, etc.), in conventional or addressable mode
  • Addressable remote modules
  • Special detectors (toxic and explosive gas, aspiration, linear, flame)
  • Accessories (triggers, action indicators, safety barriers, etc.)
  • All types of sound diffusers and flashing lights
  • Actuated safety devices (ASDs)

In addition, and in order to allow the interfacing of the detection systems with the existing fire, power and HVAC installations at the customer's sites, all equipment and solutions installed by GDSS are open protocol for integration into BMS solutions.

The safety of people and facilities requires in certain specific conditions the use of dedicated and specially designed and executed alarm systems.

PAGA alarm systems are therefore specially designed for use in aggressive working environments, including potentially hazardous atmospheres.

The systems implemented by the GDSS teams ensure clear sound reproduction and speech intelligibility, even in very noisy areas. This allows the broadcasting of both routine voice announcements and the transmission of alarm tones (differentiated as the case may be), reliably and securely from several sources or from the control room.

These systems can be highly customised in such a way as to easily allow :

  • Broadcasting routine public announcements (voice paging) during normal operations
  • Playback of pre-recorded and stored voice messages/alarm tones during emergency situations. These messages can be safety/security/fire alarm messages, evacuation instructions or general utility messages
  • Interfacing with the PBX system (IPBX) for paging announcements from telephone intercoms
  • Interfacing with external visual beacons (signalling devices) in high noise areas

Instrumentation tends to take an increasingly central position in the interest of companies managing industrial, remote, isolated, difficult to access or dangerous facilities. In order to offer a complete range of solutions and to meet all the needs of its customers, GDSS places increasing importance on this aspect and already offers solutions to the most varied requirements.

The intervention of GDSS is more and more integrated in this business, especially in its applications in the OIL & GAS, medical and food industries.

Thanks to the multidisciplinarity and versatility of its teams, including mainly electricity, mechanics and automation, GDSS provides complete solutions by ensuring all installation, upgrade and revamping works related to the :

  • Assembly of instruments in their electronic and pneumatic categories
  • Calibration, adjustment and configuration of instruments
  • Testing of instrumentation loops
  • Tubings and bulk instrument
  • Instrumentation wiring (4-20mA, Profibus, Ethernet...)

This supported by the capitalised telecoms know-how which allows GDSS a wide latitude of intervention in the SCADA, Telemetry, Remote Gauging, ESD and Remote Maintenance solutions of the installations

Aware that two-way radio communication remains the most popular means of communication in professional environments and relying on an exceptional partnership with Motorola, the world leader in the field, GDSS offers its customers turnkey radio solutions, from engineering study to operation, whatever their needs and requirements (single site or multi-site).

Regardless of the technology chosen, PMR, DMR, DMR Tier3 or TETRA, GDSS engineers have built up a wealth of expertise enabling them to respond to any request in this very sensitive area with tangible savings in terms of implementation time and costs.

GDSS offers customised solutions adapted to the information systems, communication procedures and information management policies of its clients by selecting and exploiting the best technologies, architecture and infrastructure for voice and data networks.

A wide range of solutions is offered, including, without restriction, DATA networks, PtP or PmP links in PDH/SDH as well as local switchboard solutions in PABX or IPBX of various sizes.

GDSS enhances its interventions in the field of connectivity by its know-how in complementary telecom domains including fibre optic networks (CWDM/DWDM backbones), VSAT stations, wireless and outdoor-WIFI networks.

To complement its two-way radio communication offering, GDSS recently introduced an innovative system that offers all the features and benefits of radio but operates over a commercial broadband cellular network owned by the mobile operator. The service is provided on devices that look and work exactly like walkie-talkies and is available wherever there is a mobile network signal or a wifi internet connection. The use of the cellular broadband network (3G/4G) allows, in addition, the transmission of multimedia data to meet the most specific needs of each business. The system comes with a comprehensive management interface and is characterised by ease of use, rapid deployment and low capital and operating costs.

Committed to its vocation of integrator, GDSS combines telecom and transmission know-how with cutting-edge audiovisual solutions to offer high-quality solutions in this field, including collective TV solutions (DVBT or IpTV) or integrated sound and display systems.

The proposed solutions are adapted to the nature of the client's infrastructure and customised to ensure optimal comfort and enhanced user ergonomics.

The main solutions proposed are:

  • Head-end, modular and IP TV distribution stations
  • DVB-S2 to DVBT and IPTV TV distribution solutions
  • Display on collective television networks (e.g. hotel charging system)
  • Multi-site TV solutions
  • Ambient sound solutions for the service industry
  • Remote display and public address systems for transport systems
  • Design of conference rooms, train stations, hotels, hospitals, etc.

GDSS is also involved in "Building Management Systems" to automate and integrate the control of technical building equipment, including heating, air conditioning, lighting and of course security systems.

The objective of GDSS is to contribute to the development of this niche by integrating, for the comfort of citizens, the concept of intelligent and energy-efficient buildings by offering integrated solutions, ensuring the highest technical and technological performance.

GDSS offers a complete service from technical analysis to the design of appropriate solutions, including the selection of the most suitable platform and equipment.

Our BMS and GTC solutions cover the following aspects:

  • Comfort: home automation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, electric blinds
  • Security: access control, fire detection, video surveillance, intrusion
  • Energy efficiency: electricity, gas, water, brine, steam, and
  • Flexibility and control: electrical panels, lifts, plumbing, sprinklers

The adoption of such solutions reduces energy consumption, rationalises capital expenditure, minimises operating costs and improves the overall performance of equipment while ensuring optimum comfort and safety for users in both new and old buildings.

Your data is of crucial importance to us, which is why we consider the data centre in which you store and operate it to be a real factory that requires a quasi-industrial installation and organisation with air-conditioning, power supply and security systems, fluid circulation and foolproof access controls.

Whether they are limited to one room, one floor of your building, modular in a suitable container or occupy an entire building, these data centres must ensure high levels of reliability, security and resilience in order to ensure the integrity and functioning of the devices on site and the data stored within.